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Occasionally instructors ask “What does ACIFA do for an individual faculty member like me?” and understandably so. Because ACIFA is an association of associations, it primarily interacts with faculty associations and less so with individual faculty members. Nevertheless, ACIFA is driven by academic concerns which affect members as a group, as well as concerns experienced by individual faculty members, as relayed through your faculty association. In brief, ACIFA: - Serves as a provincial voice for faculty members - Provides labour relations support to all ACIFA members - Establishes and manages a province-wide defence fund - Puts together well-researched opinion papers on issues which are important to instructors - Advocates for quality post-secondary education - Conducts annual workplace climate surveys - Facilitates information exchange between ACIFA’s Faculty Association Presidents - Exercises our voice on the stakeholder boards of our pension fund - Organizes an annual teaching and learning spring conference - Maintains two special focus committees: NAC and PAC - Makes submissions to the Alberta Labour Board - Draws from the experience of like-minded associations in other provinces - Represents members at the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) - Provides a way to be part of a larger community


Each year, ACIFA conducts a survey of its members across the province to obtain their views on working conditions and attitudes within their institutions.

The survey’s results are used to measure workplace climate over time and across institutions. The results help to inform faculty associations on emerging issues at their respective campuses. The results also provide an opportunity for faculty associations to discuss issues with their administrations.

The survey, which enjoys a relatively high participation rate, is self-administered and it consists of 13 standard questions. The survey asks academic staff members to indicate their level of agreement with thirteen statements (see below), on a Likert scale of 1 to 5. A response of 5 indicates strong agreement; a response of 1 indicates strong disagreement; while a response of 3 is considered neutral. Respondents are asked to answer the questions and return completed questionnaires back to their faculty associations before ACIFA tabulates all of the results. Respondents answer the survey anonymously.


Retired ACIFA Members can become affiliates of the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association to access group health, dental, life, travel, and hospitalization insurance programs. To learn more, please visit the ARTA website at

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