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ACIFA hosts an annual spring conference, which offers opportunities for member interaction and networking. These opportunities lead to long-term relationships where ongoing communication and collaboration can take shape among faculty members all over Alberta. Conference attendees participate in sessions to learn more about teaching techniques, professional development initiatives, and employment conditions



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2024 Conference Schedule

ACIFA’s 45th Conference Schedule and Presenter Information is now available on Whova.

The Whova app allows you to:

  • View the event agenda and plan your personal schedule.

  • Access to documents and slides shared by organisers or speakers.

  • Find who else is attending this event and reach out to people ahead of time.

  • Plan some social activities such as a morning run, coffee hours, or meet-ups with your fellow colleagues. You can even post job openings.

  • Receive updates such as last-minute session changes from the organizers.

Link to the 2024 Conference Schedule on the website

Theme: Engagement and Solidarity

Presented by the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), this year’s conference themes are Engagement and Solidarity. We have curated an exemplary panel of speakers to inform and inspire attendees, offering innovative approaches to mitigate apathy, fatigue, and divisiveness amongst students and faculty alike. Everyone benefits when connection, inclusivity, and support are prioritized in the classroom and workplace. 

Theme Strands


The majority of 2024 conference session proposals were aligned with this strand, which is indicative of its importance to faculty members. Presentations will examine tools to promote and quantify equity, diversity, and inclusion as well as highlight innovative ways to foster student enthusiasm, connection, and success. Other sessions in this strand will consider strategies to elevate staff engagement and encourage a culture of collaboration and respectful interaction between all institutional levels.

Balance & Boundaries:

Topics will include managing accessibility in terms of course materials and delivery approaches, mental health awareness and supports for both students and faculty, cultivation and advocacy for improved work-life-balance, and the emerging role of AI in education.


In support of the many ACIFA member colleges commencing a new round of bargaining this year and in acknowledgment of the innumerable benefits of professional collaboration, this strand will explore the immense value of individual efforts in bolstering collective strength, effective communication to promote unity, and tactics for navigating the seemingly endless cycles of institutional change.


ACIFA Conference Hosting Committee Schedule

2012 – Grande Prairie Regional College Faculty Association

2013 – Medicine Hat College Faculty Association

2014 – NorQuest College Faculty Association

2015 – Portage College Faculty Association

2016 – Bow Valley College Faculty Association

2017 – Olds College Faculty Association

2018 – Northern Lakes College Faculty Association

2019 – Red Deer College Faculty Association

2020 – Keyano College Faculty Association (Jasper Park Lodge: May 10-12)

2021 – Lethbridge College Faculty Association (Fairmont Banff Springs: May 9-11)

2022 – Lakeland College Faculty Association (Jasper Park Lodge: May 8-10)

2023 – Alberta University of the Arts Faculty Association (Chateau Lake Louise: May 7-9)

2024 – NAIT Academic Staff Association (Jasper Park Lodge: May 12-14)

2025 – SAIT Academic Faculty Association (Banff Springs: May 10-14)

2026 – Grande Prairie Regional College Faculty Association (Jasper Park Lodge: May 9-13)

2027 – Medicine Hat College Faculty Association (Banff Springs: May 1-5)

2028 – NorQuest College Faculty Association

2029 – Portage College Faculty Association

2030 – Olds College Faculty Association

2031 – Northern Lakes College Faculty Association

2032 – Red Deer College Faculty Association

ATTENTION: Associations can decide to form a partnership. If that option is chosen, associations are asked to report to ACIFA Presidents’ Council two years in advance of the date of the conference.
(revised October 10, 2012)


At the annual conference, three awards are presented. Nomination/application packages are made available in the fall, and recipients are announced in February. A committee struck from the Professional Affairs Committee of ACIFA considers the nominations put forward and selects each award recipient.


Established in 2016, this award aims to recognize teachers who exhibit commitment to teaching, learners, and learning through a variety of measures. This province-wide award attracts both recognition and a financial award of $1,500 for the faculty member or team and $500 for the faculty member’s faculty association.

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We are grateful to have belairdirect as the financial sponsor of this award.


Instructional Qualities. An instructor may qualify for the Distinguished Instructor Award if he or she demonstrates commitment to learners and learning through a variety of measures including:
● Responds to the individual needs of learners in and out of the classroom by addressing questions in a respectful and timely manner and by respecting the diverse talents and ways of learning.
● Promotes a quality, respectful and positive learning environment by encouraging cooperation among students, and by giving prompt feedback
● Demonstrates innovative teaching and learning strategies, including communicating high expectations and encouraging
active learning.
● Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of subject matter and strives to keep current in his or her field of expertise.
● Explores professional development opportunities with interest and enthusiasm.
● Models professional attitudes and values.



The recipient receives an award of $1,500 and their association receives $500. 

belairdirect AAH [CMYK] E AI-01.png

We are grateful to have belairdirect as the financial sponsor of this award.


Selection at the local level must be completed by the deadline specified in the guidelines.

Selection of the Innovation in Teaching Award will include consideration of the following criteria:
● Evidence of student satisfaction and learning outcomes
● Evidence that the innovation was successfully integrated into the total learning process for the relevant course of study
● The potential for the innovation to be applied to different fields of study
● The extent to which the innovation made effective and efficient use of resources



A Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research project involves talking a systematic look at some educational practice and recording what was done and why, collecting and analyzing data, and reflecting on how the results might influence teaching endeavors.

Research has the potential to generate genuine and sustained improvements in our college and institutes. It gives educators new opportunities to reflect on their teaching, to explore and test new approaches, and to share feedback with colleagues.


ACIFA will award one grant of $1,000 annually for research projects related to improving teaching and learning conducted by members of ACIFA. In the year following the award, the recipient is expected to attend and present at the Annual Conference.


Submissions are made by individual members and must be completed by the deadline specified in the guidelines.

Selection of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award will be based on assessment of the project application as it relates to a teaching and learning practice, recording what was done and why it was done, data collection and analysis, and reflection on how the results might influence future teaching endeavors.

The research project may span part or all of the current academic year but must not exceed that time limit.

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