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Blair Howes


Presented by the Alberta University of the Arts Faculty Association (AUAFA), this year’s conference theme is TROUBLEMAKERS. The theme takes inspiration from the many troublemakers throughout history, who in spite of being told to be quiet and not to cause a scene, are compelled to follow the pursuit of justice and equality for all.

Theme Strands


How do we support connection and member engagement?


As the antithesis of work, play is counter intuitive to productivity, urgency and other modes of capitalist ideology. How does play enhance learning outcomes? What does play look like in the classroom and across the institution? What are alternate forms of learning through play?



The idea of dismantling the domination of foreign countries. Questioning and undoing modes of colonial propaganda such as, false bureaucratic urgency in institutions, hierarchal positioning, meritocracy, racism, sexism, ageism…fundamental rights for self-determination. How can we apply Indigenous knowledge and/or alternative ways of knowing to enhance educational environments and structures while reducing institutional bureaucracy? How can faculty support and develop meaningful shifts in the organizational structure of classrooms?


The keynote presentation is by Dr. Troy Patenaude. He is an art and cultural historian, guide, curator, and educator who has spent his life exploring the intersection between nature, arts, culture, and social change. 

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