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Did You Complete The ACIFA Climate Survey?

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Your faculty association would have sent you a link to complete the 2022 ACIFA Climate Survey. The link is institution-specific. The survey provides an invaluable assessment of the institutional health of your employer. The results of the survey are not only shared with your faculty association, but your association might also share the results with the Executive Office of your institution and even with the Ministry of Advanced Education.


It is a highly valuable tool for your Association:

  • It enables your local FA to hear members’ views concerning working conditions and attitudes within your institution.

  • This knowledge provides your FA with a strong foundation to assist them in discussions with administration regarding key areas of concern.

  • The continuity from year to year of the 13 core questions allows associations to track changes.

  • The comparative, cross-institutional score chart shows system-wide results from across the province.

The survey is SECURE:

  • We use, a leading survey tool on the Web.

  • The survey is completely anonymous. IP addresses are NOT being logged, nor are any personal identifiers.

  • The survey is SSL protected so that data is collected in a totally encrypted environment. 


When you receive the link from your Association, please take the time to complete the survey and let your opinion be heard. ​​

The climate survey closes December 16th at 11:45pm.

If you have question or concerns, please contact your faculty association or ACIFA.


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