Letter of Support to Ontario College Teachers

JP Hornick, Chair CAAT-A Bargaining Team George Brown College 160 Kendal Ave Toronto, ON MSR 1M3 Message of support to Ontario College Teachers

Dear JP,

As fellow College teachers we hereby wish to send a message of strong support to all the Ontario College teachers currently on strike. At our ACIFA Presidents Council meeting this weekend in Calgary, a motion of support and encouragement for Ontario College teachers in their action was passed unanimously.

We stand in solidarity with you. The issues you are asserting are serious and of growing concern across the country. Thank you for your principled stand on fairness and equity. Thank you for pushing back against the casualization of academic work. Thank you for caring enough about quality education that you are willing to take job action to protect it.

Please know that you are not alone. We stand with you. We understand and share your concerns about the continuous diversion of resources away from the classroom, the erosion of academic freedom and the explosion in administrative oversight. We stand with you not only in understanding and sharing these concerns, but also in supporting your strong action to safeguard quality post-secondary education for students.

You can count on our continuous backing as you stand firm,

Anna Beukes

President, ACIFA