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ACIFA annually presents an Innovation in Teaching Award. Faculty Associations are notified early in the fall about the upcoming year’s award and are provided with an outline about the award system and how the award is administered. The award is managed according to a system launched in 2002, as follows:

Each local faculty association will hold a nomination and selection process at their institution for the Innovation in Teaching Award and select winner to be put forward by the Association to ACIFA.


A committee struck from the Professional Affairs Committee of ACIFA then considers the nominations put forward by the local associations to select a provincial winner.

The recipient receives an award of $1,500 and their association receives $500. To facilitate this process, the help of each faculty associations is required to establish a promotion, nomination and selection process at their local level in order to give their faculty the opportunity to participate in this award.

We are grateful to have Johnson Insurance as the financial sponsor of this award.

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Selection at the local level must be completed by the deadline specified in the guidelines.

Selection of the Innovation in Teaching Award will include consideration of the following criteria:
● Evidence of student satisfaction and learning outcomes
● Evidence that the innovation was successfully integrated into the total learning process for the relevant course of study
● The potential for the innovation to be applied to different fields of study
● The extent to which the innovation made effective and efficient use of resources


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