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ACIFA is a non-partisan organization and its approach to government relations is to focus on post-secondary education issues and policy. ACIFA participates in policy discussions by responding to government papers, meeting with elected officials and bureaucrats, and participating in committees set up by the government. All of these activities assist policy makers in making informed decisions on post-secondary education issues.

ACIFA liaises with numerous provincial advocacy and post-secondary stakeholder organizations, both in Alberta and other provinces. Often, these collaborative efforts take the shape of closely-knit coalitions of organizations with interests held in common. Coalitions facilitate the sharing of resources and information in the interest of building effective lobbying and advocacy campaigns. ACIFA coordinates lobby and policy work with its university counterpart, the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations, and provincial student groups. 

ACIFA researches information related to learning and working in Alberta’s post-secondary education sector. This work helps to inform our lobbying activities and policy positions.

ACIFA'S Position on the Funding Model Review

CAUT: Motion of Support

CAUT publicly states its support for, and solidarity with, ACIFA members in their efforts to negotiate fair deals, and also in the event of strike(s) or lockout(s).

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Download Public Interest Alberta's summary of the Blue Ribbon Panel's Recommendations.

In May of 2019, an independent panel of experts was appointed to review Alberta’s finances and economy. The findings of the panel released in August 2019 have been termed the Blue Ribbon Panel Report on Alberta’s Finances, or the MacKinnon Panel on Alberta's Finances.

Invitation to Consultation:
Public Sector Wage Reopener Arbitration Delay

May 2019

Conversation with Minister Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education - October 2017

ACIFA's Acknowledgement and Appreciation 

ACIFA's Submission to the Labour Board in Response to the Invitation for Intervenor Submissions Regarding Frontline Supervisors in the Bargaining Unit - April 2018

ACIFA submission on the funding model review

Student Feedback Used in Teaching Evaluations

Conversation with Minister Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education - September 2017

ACIFA Pre-Budget Submission 2017/2018

ACIFA meets with Campus Alberta Quality Council

Download their presentation here


Click the link below to view ACIFA’s response to a request for stakeholder feedback by the Government of Alberta in the context of the Tuition and non-instructional fees review. 


All publicly funded post-secondary institutions (PSI) in Alberta, have been governed by the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA). This act provides the legal framework and prescribes the roles and responsibilities of all the players (Board of Governors, management, academic councils and Faculty associations) in our sector. In general, the PSLA has served us well. We might have continued to operate under the unchanged PSLA, if it was not for something that happened in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan provincial government unilaterally declared all public services in that province to be “essential services” and thereby removed the right to strike from them. Not surprisingly, the unions in Saskatchewan took their provincial government to court and in January 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada declared the right to strike a Charter of Rights and gave the Alberta government instructions to “remove the offensive language” from the PSLA. Consequently, the Alberta government is now in the process of aligning the PSLA with the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada and asked for our input. ACIFA has prepared a document which we hope will influence the outcome of this consultation.

Click the link below to view ACIFA’s submission to the discussion guide on the changes to the Post-Seconday Learning Act

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