Labour Relations Officer

Brian McCulloch


Executive Assistant

Victoria Kirchner




Alberta College of Art and Design FA
Staff: Patti Dawkins
Mail: Alberta College of Art and Design
1407 – 14 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 4R3
FA: 403-284-7613
FA Fax: 403-289-0087
E-mail: acadfa@telus.net

Grande Prairie Regional College ASA

Staff: Sharron Barr
Mail: Grande Prairie Reg. College
10726 – 106 Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB
T8V 4C4
FA: 780-539-2843
Toll Free: 1-888-539-4772 (ext.2843/2889)
FA Fax: 780-539-2214 (secure)
E-mail: Sbarr@GPRC.ab.ca OR


Keyano College FA
Staff: Pratik Tripathi
Mail: Keyano College
76, 8115 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, AB
T9H 2H7
FA: 780-715-3931

Lakeland College FA
Staff: Audra Baddock
Mail: Lakeland College
5707 College Drive
Vermillion, AB
T9X 1K5
FA: 780-853-8609
FA Fax: 780-853-7399 (secure)
E-mail: audra.baddock@lakelandcollege.ca

Lethbridge College FA
Staff: Mike Mayo
Mail: Lethbridge College
PA 2108, 3000 College Drive South
Lethbridge, AB
T1K 1L6
FA: 403-320-3217
FA Fax: 403-328-2251
E-mail: mike.mayo@lethbridgecollege.ca

Medicine Hat College FA
Staff: Monika Farmer
Mail: Medicine Hat College
299 College Drive SE
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 3Y6
FA: 403-504-3616
FA Fax: 403-504-3666 (secure)
E-mail: facultyassoc@mhc.ab.ca

NAIT Academic Staff Asspcoatopm
Staff: Adele Weichel & Lana Bjorkquist
Mail: N.A.I.T. T110
11762 – 106 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5G 2R1
FA: 780-471-8702/ 780-471-8504
FA Fax: 780-474-6736 (secure)
E-mail: nasa@nait.ca

NorQuest College FA
Staff: c/o Leslie Sayer
Mail: NorQuest College
10215-108 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5T 4G2
Office: 780-644-5879
E-mail: leslie.sayer@norquest.ca

Northern Lakes College FA
Staff: c/o Jasmine Light or Cecilia Jamieson
Mail: Northern Lakes College
1201 Main Street SE
Slave Lake, AB
T0G 2A3
FA: 780-849-8649
FA Fax: 780-849-3312
E-mail: secretary.fanlc@gmail.com OR


Olds College FA
Staff: Sandi Hallett
Mail: Olds College
4500 – 50 Street
Olds, AB
T4H 1R6
FA: 403-556-4636
FA Fax: 403-556-4637 (secure)
E-mail: OCFAEA@oldscollege.ca

Portage College FA
Staff: c/o Gail Hiar
Mail: Portage College
#101, 7825 – 51 Street
Cold Lake, AB
T9M 0B6
FA: 780-639-7131
E-mail: gail.hiar@portagecollege.ca

FA Red Deer College
Staff: c/o Ken Heather
Mail: Faculty Association of Red Deer College
100 College Boulevard
P.O. Box 5005
Red Deer, AB
T4N 5H5
FA: (403) 343-4092
E-mail: kenneth.heather@rdc.ab.ca

SAIT Academic Faculty Association
Staff: Kathie Dann or Michelle Caron
Mail: S.A.I.T. (SAFA Office, N-201)
1301 – 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB
T2M 0L4
FA: 403-284-8321
FA Fax: 403-284-0005
E-mail: kathie.dann@sait.ca OR