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ACIFA’s governing body is Presidents’ Council, which is comprised of the ACIFA Executive Council and each president from all of the member associations. There are 2 standing committees that advise Presidents’ Council: the Negotiations Advisory Committee(NAC) and the Professional Affairs Committee (PAC).


The Negotiations Advisory Committee, or NAC, offers opportunities for our member associations to share information, expertise, and best practices on labour related issues. It builds strategies to ensure that all member associations’ Collective Agreements are able to move forward in positive, constructive terms. At each meeting, all members appraise the committee on negotiating successes and challenges at each of the institutions. NAC members view problem solving and idea generation as collective tasks.

Keith Smyth, VP Professional Affairs

Lisa Saxby, VP Negotiations 


The Professional Affairs Committee, or PAC, seeks to build the necessary supports, information, and ideas to promote and safeguard the post-secondary teaching profession in Alberta. The Committee offers opportunities for members to share information, expertise, and best practices relating to professional affairs.

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