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ACIFA: Working for You

ACIFA is a member-driven organization. It takes most of its direction from Presidents’ Council, a gathering of all Association presidents and ACIFA’s executive, held three times a year. An Executive Council oversees regular operations and carries out the direction of Presidents’ Council. An Annual General Meeting is held in conjunction with the ACIFA conference each May or June.

We do much more than gather: we lobby on behalf of 13 Alberta post-secondary member associations, provide labour relations support, and address professional affairs issues. 

Our ACIFA: Working for You document outlines many of the ways we support our members.

What Does ACIFA Do For You?

"Stronger Together" - it is the reality of power in numbers and why ACIFA is a critical support for faculty and their associations in Alberta. In 2019, Presidents' Council endorsed the creation of the following video to address the questions many ACIFA members have asked over the past few years.

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